Product Care

For our Gold-plated, Silver-plated, Rose gold-plated and platinum-plated Jewellery:

Technology :

Our precious metal plated jewellery used environment-friendly colour-preserving electroplating process is thicker than the normal ordinary electroplating layer, which makes the jewellery more gloss and texture, and the colour retention is longer.


Care and Maintenance 

  •  Avoid wearing the same piece of jewellery for a long time, especially in the hot summer, when the jewellery coating is exposed to sweat for a long time, and it is easy to wear off.

  • Access to chemicals can cause jewellery to be easily damaged. The aroma of bathing, the chlorine in swimming, and the salt in the sea water will all affect the head, so all accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming.

  •  Be careful when storing them. Do not overlap the jewellery. They should be stored in the original packaging bag or in a jewelleery box with independent small grids to avoid rubbing each other and damaging the surface.

  • To clean the jewellery from time to time, use a soft fine-bristle brush to wipe the surface of the jewellery to remove surface stains.

For our Sterling Silver Jewellery


Out Sterling silver jewellery re all made with 100% S925 Silver.

Care and Maintenance:

  • 1. The best maintenance method for silver jewellery is to wear it every day, because the body oil can produce a natural and moist luster.

  • 2. Do not wear other precious metal jewellery at the same time when wearing silver jewellery, so as to avoid collision, deformation or abrasion.

  • 3. Keep the silver jewellery dry, don't wear it for swimming, and don't get close to hot springs and sea water.

  • 4. If you find any signs of yellowing on the silver jewellery, the easiest way is to use toothpaste and water to wash the surface lightly.